Brides of Nepal


When 14-year-old Rekha realises that her family is planning to marry her off, her dreams collapse. How can she prevent the marriage when everyone is forcing her to accept her fate?

What happens to a girl’s development when her family casts her out when she is still a child? How is her future affected by the violence that she encounters, violence that is concealed under a veneer of care and concern?

The documentary film Brides of Nepal examines a childhood that is cut short and the mental landscape of a young girl growing up in the midst of violence.

Director: Tiina Madisson

Producers: Kirsi Mattila & Joonas Kauppinen

Cinematographer: Marita Hällfors

Editor: Kaie-Ene Rääk


Rainbird Tales KenyaMarita_slide

The purpose of “Rainbird Tales Kenya” project is to open children’s minds and senses to their own environment and the beauty of their country as well as to teach them to respect life and to protect nature by using creativity and art.

The children spend most of their lives without any contact to the outside world or nature. The surrounding Ngong Forest is not far but too dangerous to visit. There are hardly any mzungus (white people) living in the slum.

Goats, cows, dogs, cats and chicken are roaming freely and eating plastic waste on the road sides.  New-born babies are found on the dump sites of the slum. Nobody seems to pay any attention to the environment. Nobody seems to care about the dangers of dust and dirt. Poverty takes its toll on the slum dwellers. 

Children tell ancient animal stories about African wild animals at school. Modern animal stories hardly exist. Nature and animals are not part of life but fairy tales from the past.


The purpose of “Rainbird Tales Kenya” is to open children’s minds and senses to their own environment and the beauty of their country as well as to teach them to respect life and to protect nature through creative story-telling, drawing, photographing, video shooting, music, art competition and excursions to their slum and Nairobi National Park.

A Finnish mentor-producer and tales, photos and videos of Finnish nature and animals work as a source of inspiration and make slum children part of global education. In the long run the children involved in the project can change the attitudes of their friends and parents to environmental issues and make them understand the importance of environment to their own mental, physical and social well-being.

The project improves children’s self-esteem and creative thinking as well as gives dreams and hope for a better future. Special attention is paid to the participation of girls. The children will learn that they can make a difference with their behaviour and slow down the climate change.

The idea for the project was born during Icebreaker Productions’ two projects “Stori yangu ya Kibera” in 2011 and “Amka Kenya”  in 2012-2013 in Kenya when Marita Rainbird, producer of the projects was working with street children in Kibera slums and living nine months in the Kabiria slum. She was daily struggling with the challenges caused by the dirty environment of the slum and Nairobi city. As a story teller and media professional she wants to do something for the matter using her own creative content “Rainbird Tales” produced during the last ten years in the Finnish countryside.

The project is partly funded by the  Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and takes place in Kenya in 2014.

Further information

Marita Rainbird

+254-700-326274 (Kenya)

+358-40-7404 339 (Finland)


Commercial videos


The Models series showcases young Finnish models. The series is intended for TV companies in Latin America. The producer of the video series Gustavo Alavedra is looking for new models. You can get in touch with him by email to

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